Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's a tough business. Good to know that failure is a built in part of the equation. Not forever-failure. Just sometimes-failure. When bad things happen it always feels like I've been singled out by the universe for this particular insult, and I have, I guess, but everyone gets singled out in that way at some point. The important thing is to "fail harder" as a famous ad man once said. And I guess to fail upwards until it starts to look like success.

I know, I'm being cloyingly positive today. It was a good week. I'm kind of posting this for myself since things shift so quickly that next week I may need to read my own words and watch this video for the motivation to get out of bed.

But then again, if things continue going well, I may just watch it because it is a really beautiful commercial...


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  2. That is so on point! I needed to hear and see that right now, in this moment! I am all about failing up! :) thanks for sharing sis!

  3. well said my friend:)