Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, I had a freak out last year, a moment of paranoia, "they're watching me!" that led to me not posting for a little while. But that's dumb. I like having a place on the internet to store things that interest me, but that's interactive enough to let people give me feedback and share things that they like, so... I'm back.

I read this quote today and thought, it's as good as any to start up again with. It's from a book called Uncommon Genius about people who win the MacArthur Prize ("the genius award"):

In the end the common thing linking these creative people separated and floated to the surface like cream... They were all driven, remarkably resilient, adept at creating an environment that suited their needs, skilled at honoring their own peculiar talents... capable of knowing when to follow their instincts and above all, magnificent risk-takers, unafraid to run ahead of the popular tide.

Here's to magnificent risk-takers. Happy New Year.


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  2. welcome back and thanks for the post my friend. You can't keep a good woman down:)