Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anything is possible

Film is a tough pursuit, or so they say. I've had my share of blood, sweat and tears in its devotion, but... maybe it's only as hard as we think. In some esoteric "secret" style, it may not be any harder than getting a job as a secretary (especially in this economy).

Afterall, I write this to you as I procrastinate work on a script for which I am getting paid to write. So I can say with all certainty that it does happen for people who weren't born into it, or didn't start "on in the inside."

Short story. My mom bought a lottery ticket today. She told the guy at the counter she didn't want to waste her $10 so she better win, he told her you just gotta have the right attitude. She won $2,500. The morale of the story is real people do win the lottery. And since making it in Hollywood is often compared to winning the lottery, for the record, real people do make it as screenwriters (although from this blog, you may not understand why I am one of them). And instead of thinking about how hard it is, let's just for today think about the fact that anything is possible.


  1. ask your mom if she needs a personal assistant....


  2. I am, as always, continually impressed by your pure genius. Love this! And i know for a fact that you never stop -- which is why i haven't seen you in a month. Go get your destiny gurl. It's calling for ya. And my quote of the day is..."warriors never sleep, they just rest up for the next battle." March on soldier girl! xo

  3. so true, real people do win. And in my eyes, you are always a winner!

  4. Congrats MOM!!! I never win for that much, but sure could use it!