Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soul Train Classic Episodes

Last night got to attend premiere of VH1 Soul train Documentary and got misty eyed on more than one occasion reliving the Saturday mornings of my youth. But was also insanely inspired by the dancing, set design, wardrobe and performances.

I saw a panel at the WGA recently where the writer of HBO's Warm Springs said, writers block is a result of not "creatively re-charging your battery by taking in- non-work related art." When you feel creatively stymied: Watch a great movie (that has nothing to do with the project you're working on), go to a comedy show, a concert, a museum, and I would like to add…

Re-watch the Soul Train episode that you've Tivo'd. It airs Saturday, February 06 9:30 PM ET/PT ON VH1.

BTW, quote of the night at the event's Q&A panel last night was by Don Cornelius - "A dude with a jock strap on Soul Train. It was never gonna happen. We didn't do that sh*t."

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