Monday, February 15, 2010

Bite On The Nail

One of the main themes of the quotes on this blog has been "just do it." From Hemingway to Asimov …everyday write, or everyday send out material. For filmmakers this seems tougher than if, say, you were a guitar player. You can play a guitar in your house by yourself. To shoot film you need equipment, crew, time, money... or maybe not, well, at least not as much as you think.

My friend Tchaiko sent me, "Pretty Doll," a short film she did recently that she thought of doing on a Monday, ended up shooting on Wednesday, and cut it on Thursday. I think it turned out pretty fantastic.

I'm always impressed by Tchaiko's work, but equally important by her willingness to just get out there and shoot. Look at what a great job she did on a 3 day project...

If you want to contact her, she's one of the "followers" of this blog. I think you can just search for her name on the right, and click on the image of her, and if that doesn't work (you know my knowledge of technology is ever growing... but not there yet), her website is

Pretty Doll from Tchaiko Omawale on Vimeo.


  1. Tchaiko... liked the film and am glad to discover this blog. i'll keep coming back.

  2. Hey Tchaiko,

    Great piece, and even greater that you had the idea and made it come to pass so easily. Anyone who's ever struggled with delivering a product can also appreciate how you made it happen in such a short time frame. Props.
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. "Pretty Doll" is pretty cool. The imagination. The colors. It's genius and inspirational. I'm motivated to 'just do it!'

  4. I can't believe this excellent piece of work was done in only a few days! It's SO well done in every way - what phenomenal talent and skill!!!!

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  6. great job tchaiko! your style and narrative is so your very own. you're a true original. look forward to seeing more and witnessing your growth as a filmmaker.

  7. Tchaiko, very nice! I like that you made a silent. Very suggestive moving camera! And a little bit of Freud? Wait for the next one...

  8. Sistah comes right out of the Yoruba ocean!
    There's always something wonderfully mystical about her work.
    This is what It's all about--creating on a regular basis. Inspiring.

  9. wow, that was extraordinary. thrilling, profound, cutting through darkness of the soul. the anticipation and trepedation at each moment is the key to this video. thwarted and mystified.

  10. so funny - i've always been scared of turning into a doll (weird, childhood fear of dolls *laugh) - and then to see... maybe they're nightmare is to become us? i liked the concept and execution a lot. great job! - dana

  11. wow, this is really awesome. I just stumbled across this blog and so glad I did. Im gonna look for more work by this director.

  12. fun times!
    great team.
    shot @ Boom Art House :)

  13. Production value is awesome.
    Storyline is fantastic.
    Acting is great.
    Could edit some frames in the middle.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  14. nice work Tchaiko, i'll definitely keep coming back to this blog now that i know you are representing here...rashid

  15. yay i love that you guys enjoyed it. i had so much fun making this film and i'm gonna keep making more. nzingha thanks for the love, and thanks for this blog! i love how its a space for inspiration, motivation and a look into how you are navigating and flying through hollywood. you are still as inspiring as when i first met you on your music video set years and years ago when your aunt from atlanta introduced me to you.

  16. this short is amazing & silently intense!!! tchaiko! you rule! it made me want to grab the doll & shake her so she could be alive!!! really awesome! big xo!, love, chiara!