Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


Roger Ebert - your blog & tweets are fantastic. Political opinion, film history and education, what turns you on, great links, comedy, and surprises. And, who knew you were such a weirdo?

Inglorious Basterds for being truly satisfying

Jeff Bridges for deserving his oscar nom in Crazy Heart

The Cinematographer of Crazy Heart - Barry Markowitz (every shot is a photograph)

Monique for deserving her Oscar nom in Precious

Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker

Meryl Streep in Julia and Julia - two things, 1. Making someone laugh, just as hard as making someone cry. 2. It's so easy to take someone for granted when they've already had their due, but you still deserve it.

My awesome manager - Neda Niroumand

The Office for still being funny years later. I love 30 Rock, but what Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson do week after week and keeping it fresh for years, is more impressive.

CNN on Sundays - esp. Fareed Zakaria

Re-discovered 80s movies: Back To The Future, Big, Field of Dreams, Starman... what great permission to just make up an implausible plot, not really explain how it all works, and trust the audience to get it anyway.

Larry David for keeping the hilarious black dude on Curb Your Enthusiasm

JJ Abrams for creating a show with two black leads - can't wait to watch

The WGA for amazing seminars that anyone can attend - check the for more info for making it so easy to access a huge library of screenplays.

Ledisi. If people have a record deal, that's how they should sing.

Jigga. The Blueprint 3. You still got it.

All the celebs who didn't think it's sooo passe to get on TV and help Haiti.

& to - Eternal, Kim and Bryce Fluellen, Gail Porter, Laura Vickery, Naketha Mattocks, Stacie Greenwell, Tracey Pennywell & Yvette Braswell for always making themselves available to listen to a pitch, read a script, and/or say a prayer.

No valentine for Up In the Air -sorry, I thought you were overrated.

Have I left anything off?

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  1. That's a lot of love going on there!! And you shoulda thanked Larry David for being the Jewish version of I think people are starting to get me!!

    Love you too...keep beign our Harriet Tubman!!