Sunday, March 14, 2010

Costa Rica Day 1

The trip has gotten off to an auspicious start.

Day 1 - San Jose

My hotel is directly adjacent to the National Theater or Teatro Nacional. It's also above the underground art museum and the "Museum Of Gold."

Creativity surrounds me above and around.

And the ghosts of greatness are here - JFK, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter have all stayed at El Gran Hotel. Although I'm sure their beds didn't feel like plywood. The lobby feels old Hollywood which I think is another good sign for all this fabulous writing I'll be doing. Either that or I'll get stuck typing "all work and no play makes Nzingha a dull girl," since the hotel lobby is VERY reminiscent of the lobby in The Shining. I hope my writing project doesn't turn out like Jack Nicholson's.

I went to the museum for a little while and saw this quote:

"Atoms, ions, and electrons, to mention just a few of the elements of energy are energetic microcosms which give life to the small universes in ascendent progression and in constant process of universal integration, from the nucleus within the protoplasm of a cell to the enormity of our planetary system."

Definitely a good luck charm. That's what writers do "give life to the small universes." And on that note, gotta go play my part in the "enormity of our planetary system."

Enjoy the flix in the meantime in between time.

See that open computer means I am working!

The view from my window

This was a good idea

This was not.

Side note... of course now it's starting, the inevitable chatter... This is awful. I'm a horrible writer. Why are they paying me to do this? - Just gotta push on through. There's a street breakdance thing happening outside my window and everytime the crowd cheers for them, I pretend it's for me. Oh, the little tricks we have to do as writers...

And then at the end of the night and at least 3 completed scenes on my part, there were fireworks. For me? Costa Rica, you shouldn't have.


  1. So I wrote this long comment and lost it-- no matter, I'm still a social media consultant. ;) So happy to hear you're in Costa Rica working on your deadlines. If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of SF, take the bus to Puerto Viejo in the south near the Panama border. Or if you don't have the time, ask about the spa in Alajuela owned by gringos-- can't remember the name of it but it sits over looking this hill and its amazing. Wish I could travel to beautiful CR to write-- what a blessing. New walls bring new creativity-- and I'm sending good writing juju your way!

  2. Three things :)
    1. The enormity thing - so true! ... every script starts with one word. You're way ahead of the game! you have three scenes! LOL.
    2. If there's no breakdancing in the streets tomorrow: everytime you look up to the right (where that imaginary cartoon bubble would be at your head) there's your diva cheering squad cheering you on. :))
    and finally ...
    3. Yes, the fireworks are for you ... and Costa Rica SHOULD have! *wink.