Thursday, March 18, 2010

Costa Rica Day 5

Life here-

breakfast - write

afternoon - ride rented bike down unpaved, pot-hole filled roads, ride for about 30 minutes after which i am dripping in sweat.

run in the ocean and cool off, fall asleep for a little while on the beach. eat amazing food at Totem.

waiter is so cute that it's talked about in the tour book. apparently the whole family is gorgeous and known for having these amazing eyes. They look like those wolf-like huskies with grey blue eyes (several of which are roaming around the restaurant) leading me to believe the family members are actually werewolves.

back to hotel - write on veranda unless it's too hot, then finish inside. write until I can't keep my eyes open. One project is a struggle, the other I can't put down.

even with two things to finish, feel guilty that I haven't read the new draft of cool indy script I may be shooting as early as this summer.

night - dinner, wine, conversation with the lovely Elodie - the chef's girlfriend. Back to room to write some more, although last night I did cheat and read Christopher Moore's "A Dirty Job" my FAVORITE book I've read in 2010.

Have started to embrace everything. Took a shower with a lizard crouched nearby on the wall - normally would NEVER happen, have started to embrace insomnia as "me & God's time." Thought about things that have happened that I thought were so awful I would die, but now realize I was just being dramatic, as none of it stopped this moment, getting paid to do the thing I love, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The writing fears are still there - but have started to embrace those too. I've started to even offer them lemonade. It is what it is. At least I haven't ended up like this fella...

Tomorrow I move to a different hotel (my 3rd this trip) in Cahuita.


  1. Ahhhh. What a charmed life you lead! Give thanks. Things will only get better :)

  2. Should I be jealous...hecks yeah! Cute waiters, great food, sand, sun and -- though you didn't mention it -- i bet there's some really good chocolate sprinkled through this dreamy vacay -- er uh, i mean writing trip. Personally, I like your version even better than Eat, Pray Love...cuz it also has adventures of wild animals that are funny as hell. First -- the ginormous stray dog (average to most -- but to you-- shoot that's downright great dane size)...and then the croaker above...ohhh chile...can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. I'll stay tuned for sure! Go get 'em! xo

    PS -- If you run into any malty-poos, run Zing run...wink wink!

  3. I'm loving this!....One Request - Picture of the Wonderfully beautiful wiater and family in the next post please! Thanks!!!

  4. sounds wonderful! and yes pics of that clan please!