Saturday, March 20, 2010

Costa Rica Day 7

Adios Puerto Viejo-

Hola Cahuita!

Cahuita is where the Jamaicans came in the early 20th century to work the sugar cane plantations and help build the railroads. In reading the tour guides I saw they were sent by England's United Fruit. That sounded so familiar to me. Then I remembered - United Fruit was run by one Mr. Joseph Kiefer. My great grandfather! So that was a cool little tidbit.

Cajuita is even more remote than Puerto Viejo, over 600 varieties of frogs. So at night, I didn't go out for dinner even though I was starving. I ate some stale plantain chips, forced myself to focus on the writing and took an Ambien to go to sleep amidst all this wildlife.

This morning I went out onto the porch, to meditate and think about all the ways I wanted to change when I returned - I want to be less afraid, more kind, more chill, more receptive, let things come to me... when speaking of fear.

There he was. And I didn't run, or go back inside, I went up to it and took a picture. Now granted, he isn't quite as scary as the awful brown ones that really freak me out, but it's a start. It's always good to do things in life that remind you, you're braver than you think you are. This picture for me was one of those things-

Since this blog is supposed to for filmmakers and not a travel site, I will add this one tidbit. I do think every writer (and creative person in general) should start a travel fund. Even if it's a dollar or two a week, whatever you can spare, and make it untouchable. Best if it's an account like ING where you can't get it immediately if you want it. There is nothing better for the writer's soul than to be somewhere else. You start to recognize your own cliche's because you are not you when you're somewhere else. New ideas start to come to you instead of you having to chase after them, and there's a sense of writing again just because you love writing (although in my case I do have a million deadlines looming).

Life SHOULD be lived for pleasure. If you're cooped up in your house all the time, stooped over the computer, and looking at the same four walls, then you're "genius" will be on a leash.

Inspiration is like goldfish, it only gets as big as the bowl you put it in - I just made that up myself, see, how my genius is kicking a** out here?

And I know the excuses, time, money... I swear to you that if you make a decision, and start making the plans, the ways and means will arrive. If they don't come right when you want them to, it's because the universe needs you to be right where you are for now, but you keep making those plans and effortlessly, doors will begin to open. You deserve the life you want.

And the coffee is better everywhere else in the world.


  1. Wait a minute ... you took THAT close a picture of a froggy?! lol who was oddly enough polka dot? You have NO idea how inspiring and cool you're sounding right about now! :)) Coming up with quotes and stuff! ... I gotta go. I have some challenges to take by the horns too! ... :))))

  2. All I can say is that 2012 must really be the end of the world if you taking pics of frogs!!! I had the cutest pic of X in Costa Rica I never showed you because a frog was in it!! Too bad, right when I can show you the pic the world is going to end!!!

    You are definitely right about the fund...I know I need to go to some where now and just write for the first time in my life because I just want to write. You told me that I would get here. Now how is the "black" part of the country? I never went to that part cuz I see FAR TOO MANY black folks now and didn't want to get in'tl and see some more!! That's like your son going all the way there and wanting McDonald's!! Be and travel soon.!!

  3. Hey ! I am the one with you on that picture !!
    It 's me Elodie !Saludos de Francia

    And I see that you took a picture of one of the most dangerous frogs of Costa Rica...