Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free Acting Podcast

This is for actors, but I think it's really helpful for filmmakers to learn as much as they can about actors as well...

"The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble would like to introduce you to one of our featured partners, Inside Acting Podcast. Inside Acting is a free audio podcast for artists, by artists. Each episode of Inside Acting brings you tips and insights from Los Angeles-area casting directors, agents, producers, writers, actors, musicians, filmmakers, personal finance gurus, and more. Get insider information on marketing yourself, creating your own work, and booking the gig -- straight from the minds of the entertainment industry professionals who are currently doing the same.

The podcast is co-hosted by two long-time Ensemble members, Trevor Algatt and Albert Meijer. You may have seen these two in Ensemble productions such as Wounded, I Gelosi, Survived, and Quixotic. Catch up with Trevor and Albert in episode 15, in which they field a few listener voicemails, discuss Albert's new stage name, chat about IMDB Pro and the "developing actor", then sit down for Part 1 of an inspiring and insightful interview with Steven Spielberg's go-to guy, actor Neal McDonough."

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