Sunday, April 11, 2010

Support For My Sister-Girls

I wanted to take the space to support a couple of fellow creative souls...

First, if you don't want to end up with a loser, please buy the very funny, great read by my sister writer Dee Sanderson

You can check it out here on her website -

Based on true events, this searingly funny yet sobering tale explores all of the choices we make in relationships without ever realizing how they will impact our lives. This "how to" guide can help you recognize the warning signs before you end up in "Loserville" or help you get there faster... if that’s what you really want!

Some of the more helpful chapters include:

"Where To Find Them... Couches and Guestrooms"
"Sex... or Lack Thereof"
"Honesty... or Lack Thereof"
"Sometimes They Come Back... The Proposal"

You can also check out her new relationship internet column at-

I also want to show some love to independent filmmaker Nia Danielle. She's superdope and continues to produce projects on her own with limited resources out of the ATL. Check out this interview with her

And if you want to check in with what she's up to lately or support her in any of her upcoming projects (through investing, acting, interning) also check out her website.

My sister Kim Hill (an amazing artist and superstar on LA's underground music scene) has one of the best, brightest blogs on life in the hood that's out there. Please check it out, follow it, and spread it around.

The lovely Kasema Kalifah has a blog that feels like entering a meditation garden and having a cup of refreshing herbal tea and taking a minute to re-center and re-focus before going back into the "real" world.

And finally, if you are an actor in LA my beautiful friend Sarah Sido has the must-follow blog/site

It has the most practical advice for actors (everything from auditioning, publicity and agents) that you're going to find. Even the books in the Minerva shop are must-buys for any actor who wants to consider themself a "working-actor."

AND, they have consulting services in this section - - where they'll consult with you on things like your head shot, how to get work in voice-overs, what the best acting classes are, who are the best coaches, etc... For any actor reading this, I would RUSH to get help like this.

Please pass this blog on so we can support our fellow artists and sister-girls!


  1. Hi Nzingha!
    My name is Chanel Davis and I've worked with Nia Danielle on several projects here in Atlanta. Nia is a true force of nature. The projects she's been able to professionally produce/write/direct with a small budget are phenomenal. Imagine what she can do with a big budget! Budget or no, I'm along for the ride! Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Wow! Small world. Someone had sent me this link to view Nia's movie on YouTube...pretty hot...

  3. I love to see my sisters handling their business! Nzingha, I love your work...& the fact that you can show love to another sister who's also claimed her destiny is incredible! After watching the interview and viewing the short, I became a fan of Nia's on FB & will be following her closely!!