Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When It Hurts So Bad

Sometimes it stinks doing what you love. Sometimes you're up at 5am, and you still have no clue what you'll say in that meeting - which is happening in a few hours.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to read awful scripts when you don't feel like it. Sometimes you're procrastinating working on a great script because you're afraid. You've been hurt before afterall.

Sometimes the frustration of feeling stuck proves the saying "perception is reality" because even if you're making tremendous strides, if you are yet again working at home today and not on set, or if you're one of those awesomely brave people who are working at a 9 - 5 because you're smart enough to want to pay your bills while pursuing your dreams, the thought of coming home exhausted and writing for 3 hours also seems only slightly less preferably to standing in the middle of the street and waiting for some kind bus to take all of your problems away.

There's no silver lining, I'm just saying.

Oh... but I will add this. When you feel this way ask for help. Ask the gods of creativity or Allah or Jehovah or whomeva... that you receive inspiration (the very word means filled with spirit), ask to receive clarity, wisdom, good decision making and wonderful things just falling in your lap - not potential things, but actual, bill paying, creative explosions that are happening right now.

And right now, I am co-signing with you and stand in agreement.

May the force be with you. May you receive.


  1. You have NO idea how I needed this thought for the day! Or maybe you did..either way, THANK YOU FOR THIS!! :-)

  2. The force is strong in this one...

    I have asked the Gods of Creativity for inspiration and they have delivered me to your blog (and with the bonus of belly laughs?!)
    Thank you universe and thank you, Nzingha.